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  • For students who need extra practice and/or already have a score of 640.
  • Practice advanced skills to achieve a 720+ score.
  • Customized learning program: Private Lessons or Small Groups
  • Fast and effective: 10 to 20 hour program


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  • 100% Verbal & Writing
  • Strategies and Homework Review
  • Over 100+ Hours
  • Flexible Scheduling: Perfect for students who have busy schedules

2019 Schedule

SC Bootcamp

Dec 15 to 16

GMAT Intensive

Jan 26 to Feb 24

GMAT Intensive

Mar 2 to Mar 31

Private Tuition

100% Customized

From April 16, 2018 — the GMAT will be 30 minutes shorter.

Learn strategies to attack the shorter test with our Master GMAT Trainer. 

The GMAT Specialist

MBA KEY is the only test prep company to specialize in the GMAT Verbal for non-native students. Over the past 15 years, MBA KEY has trained students to increase their GMAT score by over 120 points, on average. We are the chosen GMAT test prep center for over 80% of Thai students who are accepted to the Top 5 MBA Programs.

Our Verbal Expertise

Learn verbal techniques that are not taught anywhere else. MBA KEY’s formula to success on the GMAT is quick to learn and effective for both students who are native speakers and non-native speakers. Learn techniques to solve many verbal questions in under 30 seconds (some, in 10 seconds!). Master challenging questions by using the MBA KEY formula.

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Integrated Reasoning

  • Average Score Increase of 120 Points 120%
  • Highest Score Increase 380 Points! 380%

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